Looking Health Plan in Miami AvMed

 Health Care Plan in Miami Fl AvMed

Looking Health Plan in Miami AvMed. AvMed Provider Service Area

AvMed offers Individual Health products to residents of Broward and Miami-Dade counties only .
AvMed Individual Health members have the option of using a provider from the AvMed provider network in Florida .Or ,if you purchased a plan with out-of-network benefits you can access services when outside the service area ,either in Florida. or nationwide.
You can use a provider from our national network partner, Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS),whenever medical care is needed, and it will be covered as in-network benefits. You also have the option of choosing a physician or hospital outside the PHCS network ,but at a higher cost to you .All emergency visits will be processed according to the terms of in-network benefits.
With the AvMed Individual Health Network, you may choose from a vast network of doctors, hospitals and other providers that you can easily access
To find a doctor or hospital in the AvMed or PHCS network call now 786-259-0067
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source: avmed agent guide